Strato Switch Emulator Picks Up The Torch From Skyline

The development of the Skyline Nintendo Switch emulator was recently discontinued, but Strato emulator is picking up where they left off.

Our article “Nintendo Forces Skyline Emulator To Shut Down” explains the circumstances surrounding the shutdown.

While some argue that Nintendo didn’t directly force the shutdown, we believe that legal threats from a company can be considered a form of coercion. But in our view, when a company threatens legal action against you if you do not stop, it amounts to them forcing you to do so.

Regardless of how you interpret the situation, Skyline understood that if they continued developing their Nintendo Switch emulator, they could face a similar fate as Gary Bowser (search him up if you’re not familiar).

Nonetheless, Strato is dedicated to continuing the project’s legacy.


What information do we have on Strato at this point?

Strato is an Android-based Nintendo Switch emulation software, similar to the code it was derived from.

According to the Strato Github page, it is meant to be a continuation of the Skyline project. After Skyline’s shutdown, they announced that their code was open source and available for anyone to create their fork.

Strato’s creators seem to have used Skyline’s code to start a new branch of Switch emulation software for Android.
The Strato team acknowledges the contributions of other Switch emulation teams, including Ryujinx, Yuzu, and Switchbrew, for their code and information that helped in the development of Strato.

However, it appears that the Strato team prefers to remain anonymous. They make it clear that they have no affiliation with either Nintendo or Android, perhaps as a precautionary measure.


We’d like to hear your opinion! Are you excited to see the Skyline emulator reborn as Strato? And how long do you think it will last?

Emulating current-generation hardware is certainly a more difficult ethical dilemma to tackle, but we cannot blame those who are passionate about it.

We believe that having this kind of technology available is mostly a good thing, and we commend those who are working to keep the project alive. Let’s see what the future holds for Strato and the world of Nintendo Switch emulation.

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